19 Golden Retrievers Retrieving All The Things

Because retrievers gonna retrieve.

1. "He takes priority mail seriously."

2. "I was born for this."

3. "A foggy morning did not stop me from fulfilling my destiny!!"

4. "What do you mean this is all the balls we have?"

Just 19 golden retrievers retrieving all the things
"I could do this all day"
credit: stellaandbear / Instagram

5. OMGOSH, this golden is the goodest boy to ever good boy.

6. "The thing about retrievers is even if they do something b-a-d, they still feel the need to show/bring it to you 😂"

7. Literally living the dream right here.

8. "Best friends 'stick' together." 🤦🤦🤦

Just 19 golden retrievers retrieving all the things
When there's 2 qualified candidates for 1 Branch Manager job
credit: twiggzmorris / Instagram

9. "Dock diving is an actual dog sport, but we just do it for fun."

10."May I bring this home with me? 👀"

11. "I brought you some socks ... You were wearing them earlier so I guess you like them a lot!"

12. "They don't call me a retriever for nothing! 😉"

13. "Casually walking into the living room with the bath mat. 😋"

14. "I got it, I got it!"

15. "I broughts you a present! Do you like it?! 🤢🤢"

16.  🎵Don't stop retrieving / hold on to the feline 🎵

Just 19 golden retrievers retrieving all the things
(Honestly, your guess is as good as ours ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
credit: potahtopup / Instagram

17. Here's lies the body of animal blogger Travis Greenwood (RIP me). Official cause of death: Cute Overload.

18. "Come to the Light Side my young paw-dawan (we have treats)."

19. "I donut know how to tell you this, but I donut think it gets much cuter than this! 🍩"

Meanwhile, over at Twitter ...

"My dog, Stella, is about a year and a half now and she has developed this habit where if she feels she isn’t getting enough attention, she’ll pick up anything in site to make you tend to her. A photo thread🐶" ...

And no objects, it seems, are safe.

From glasses ...

19 Golden Retrievers Retrieving All The Things
credit: Travis Zandar

... and condiments ...

... to phones and remote controls ...

.... this dogged retriever can't stop, won't stop retrieving.

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