Matching Blowouts For Dogs & Humans Is The Fever Dream We've Been Waiting For

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Happiness comes in short bursts. You eat a cookie or see a dog who's doo-rag matches her owner's and for several seconds, dopamine floods our central nervous system and flushes out the existential doom. But pretty soon, the anxiety builds to a critical mass again, and we look for something to distract us from our daily litany of gloom.


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So we were understandably excited when the tech-forward dog walkers at Wag! teamed up with the Glamsquad fashionistas to allow anyone to tap their phones and summon matching blowouts for both dog and owner.

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"With so many breeds out there, we've created a variety of hair styles to match your dog's unique mane," announced Glamsquad's Creative Director Giovanni Vaccaro.

Who wouldn't want the Off-Duty Dog 'Do? It's pretty much the reality we've been waiting for!

"We're happy to partner with another forward-thinking and dog-loving brand like Glamsquad," added Hilary Schneider, CEO of Wag!. "My two Black Russian Terriers, Sadie and Zoe, have the most incredible texture to their coats. I can't wait to be able to have a stylist match my hair to their manes perfectly."


And the Poodle Poof is perfect for an afternoon of shopping for moon-dusted dog bones on Goop.

But alas, the promise of a fashionable tomorrow was all a heartbreaking hoax. Wag! announced on their Instagram that the new beauty service was an April Fool's prank. But for those of you who don't want to give up on your dreams of blowouts for dogs, Wag! has an excellent online tutorial.