These 21 Hilarious Pups Have Over 50k Retweets

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This is what the internet is for.


1. #friendshipgoals

2. It me.

3. It's that thing of where you drop your dog off at the groomer, but then you can't recognize him when you pick him up.

4. Very good help, thank you dog.

5. I will buy whatever this pretty dog is selling.

6. I've just been watching this one over and over for like 20 minutes.

7. She knows she's the star.

8. This guy is husband material.

9. I think this dog likes the beach.

10. Aww, he forgot how to dog.

11. The perfect night in ...

12. This gargoyle wants inside.

13. I can't tell if this dog is very lazy or very determined.

14. The sleepiest puppy protest I've ever seen ...

15. Just another dog that looks cooler in sunglasses than I do ...

16. And another dog that dresses better than I do ...

17. This chunky pup is as cute as his cute name!

18. The safest and most adorable puppy:

19. Here is the goodest boy.

20. Whoa!

21. He is a very fancy swimmer.