This Dog Chasing A Street View Car Is The Cutest Thing On Google Maps

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Another week brings another unexpected dog spot.

This one comes courtesy of Street View, Skynet's Google's ongoing effort to map the world with panoramic images captured by roving automobiles mounted with hi-def cameras.

Caught in the digital lens last week was this handsome Shibe (or, at the least, Shibe-like pup), who was chilling with his human near a boat dock in Japan's Kagoshima Prefecture.

Because dogs gonna dog, the good boy promptly gave pursuit when the car motored past.

Fortunately, traffic in the area was light so there wasn't too much danger to the zooming doggo.

As you can, he seemed plenty STOKED about the whole thing (no shame here, this is a judgement free zone).


"doin me a heckn chase"

He even got an opportunity to flash his cornering skills like the boss dog he is when the street opened up to include an adjacent gravel lot.

Like so many shaggy dog stories, this one came to a close at a literal dead end ....

.... but not before we were treated to one last snap of the internet's new favorite pupper.

Not all that surprisingly, the chasing canine rode a wave of viral buzz on the social web.


"Find this dog so we can properly worship him," quipped one woman.

"Ok but this is the best thing I’ve seen all day," added another.

"Surrounded by the darkness in headlining news, alas there is some light," opinied a third.

Ain't technology grand? Retrace the sequence for yourself here.

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