Get A Load Of These 18 Roly Poly Pups & Kittens

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Look at them roll! Look at them poly!

1. These pups are so roly poly that they are rolling right out of bed!

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2. This little kitty is going to roll right into some mischief!

3. "Hello, it is I, the roly polyiest puppy."

4. A sure way to spot a roly poly is that all the paws are in the air.

5. Here it is! Here is the center of the roly poly!

6. Sometimes roly polies take a nice snooze woozy.

7. Watch out! He's gonna roll!

8. Someone woke up for a big day of roly poly action!

9. A platter and a bowl of roly poly.

Just what I ordered.


10. Oops.

11. Someone is just learning to roll. She'll be roly and poly in no time!

12. It's hard work being so roly and poly.

13. "No read. Only roll."

14. "They see me rollin' ..."

15. Sometimes roly polies turn aggro.

16. Much roll and pol!

Little potatoes!


17. Cute paws are always on display when you're roly poly!

Which is just that much cuter!


18. Sometimes roly poly goodness makes it hard to move upwards because gravity.


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