Someone Please Cheer Up These 21 Tubby Puppies & Kittens

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1. "You think I'm tubby?!"

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"My mom said I was big-boned."


2. I think this kitten is having an existential crisis.

Someone give him some catnip!


3. "You're adopted."

4. "I thought we were going to the park."

"I don't like vet, much prefer park."


5. "I trusted you."

6. Her big brother told her about the litter-box monster, who comes in the middle of the night to steal her poops.

7. "You'll come back, right?"

8. "Well, that was unnecessary."

9. Someone called him a "pugtato."

10. This puppy is faking a sad for attentions.

And it worked.


11. The vet said to feed her less.

12. This puppy is sad because you keep blaming your farts on him.

And they are stinky.


13. They just realized that you're pretending to throw the ball.

They are not amused but it was a important life lesson to learn.


14. "What you mean my toys aren't real?"

15. She does this whenever it's time to leave the dog park.

16. Chunky kittens are very dramatic when it comes to a full food dish.

17. I think you bought the wrong brand of puppy food.

18. "Someone said my butt was big."

19. This kitten is just tired of his bratty brother.

20. This kitten is depressed because you're doing homework and not paying attention to her.

21. This little pup is acting sad so maybe he gets some treats.