18 Pictures Of Dogs Guaranteed To Make You Chuckle

Three cheers for the internet! May it continue providing us with hilarious animal memes for many years to come.

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2. "What do you think of my new scarf?"

3. Accurate labeling saves time and effort.

4. Anybody else hear a clock ticking?

5. Well, there's your answer.

6. Elon Musk's newest innovation: HoverDog™

7. Whatevs.

8. When you're having a good day, start thinking about all your regrets

9. Wow. OK. Thanks a lot.

10. B I G B O Y E

11. "Why am I drooling all of a sudden?"

12. Important wisdom.

13. "Hush, little one."

14. That'll show 'em.

15. Ooh, retro!

16. Hipster dog is so hip.

17. *slurp*

18. He just got his permit, OK?

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