19 Proud Animal Moms To Share With Your Mother

Proud Animal Moms to Share With Your Mom

Have you called your mom yet? No? Go ahead, we'll wait.

1. "Check out this kid! Pretty great, right?"

Bulldog with bulldog puppy.
credit: Reddit

2. A miniature mountain of fluff.

3. Mom's tail = the perfect pillow.

4. All moms think their baby is the cutest, but this one might be right.

5. Nuzzle nuzzle nuzzle.

Cow nuzzling her newborn calf.
credit: Reddit

6. Listen to your mother. She has important life lessons.

Cat walking with kitten.
credit: Imgur

7. Behold: the patience of a saint.

8. "Mommm! Stoppp!"

Grizzly bear nuzzling bear cub.
credit: Reddit

9. The kid's a natural!

10. If you thought having twins would be hard...

Bernese Mountain Dog with eleven newborn puppies.
credit: Reddit

11. How to trick the kids into going to bed.

12. "Am I doing it right?"

13. "Hands off my pup, if you please."

14. It takes a village to raise a child — or at least one very good friend.

Two cats lying down with a pile of kittens between them. Caption: Two mommy cats co-mothering the 8 babies they had at the same time together
credit: Imgur

15. Uh-oh. Now there's another one.

16. Look at all those little loafs!

Happy-looking dog posing next to whelping box full of newborn puppies.
credit: Reddit

17. "Mom, pay attention to me. Hey, mom. Mom."

18. "These are my puppers, but you may hold them."

19. OK, it's cuddle time.

Polar bear snuggling with two young cubs.
credit: Reddit