Giant Cats Overrun The World's Cities In Hilarious New Photoshops

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We like big cats, and we can not lie.


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So we were pleasantly surprised to see a batch of hilarious Photoshops — staring giant, Kaiju-like cats marauding through urban landscapes — surface on the social web this week.

The monstrous creations are the brainchild of Fransdita Muafidin, an Indonesian artist and graphic designer with more than 17,000+ followers on Instagram.

And what makes them so on brand is their plausibility.


From one feline strewn lazily across a highway in a zero-f*cks-given fashion ....

.... to another scaling a skyscraper as if it was a scratching pad ....

.... we could totally see the humongous kittos treating the cities we live in as their own personal litter box.


Peep out some of Muafidin's other brilliant image hacks from the same series below!

(This one is just too real!)

"A little bit of privacy please"

I'm dead, RIP me.

Coming soon to a cineplex near you: Catzilla!

Great job, Internet!


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