These 15 Pets With Gorgeous Hair Will Make You Ask 'What's Her Secret?'

These critters are having a permanent good hair day, and it's not fair. They probably don't even know how good they look.

1. Gorgeous.

Dog with wavy hair
credit: Reddit

2. Getting the full blowout.

3. Fabio? Is that you?

Guinea pig with long blond hair
credit: Tumblr

4. So silky.

5. Holy cow, that's a nice looking head of hair!

6. Feeling fabulous.

Afghan hound with long, silky hair.
credit: Imgur

7. Someone's have a good hare day ...

8. On fleek.

Guinea pig with long hair
credit: Reddit

9. Congratulations, you never have to sweep again.

10. Behold the duster budgie.

Bird with big, curly feathers.
credit: Imgur

11. Get out your crimping iron because the '80s are back!

Horse with long, crimped mane.
credit: Reddit

12. Regal AF.

13. The silkiest of Silkie chickens.

Two fluffy Silkie chickens.
credit: Reddit

14. Beard game on point.

Goat with hair and beard.
credit: Reddit

15. Who is her stylist???

Cat with big tail.
credit: Reddit