Nervous Corgi Keeps Support Plushie Close During Grooming Sesh

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"Yup, that's me. you're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation .... "

Dread it. Run from it. Your pet's nail trimming session still arrives.


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Such is the struggle, very much real, for both dogs — and their people — everywhere.

But for one suspicious corgi, the antidote to said indignity is a cherished toy and "support plushie."

Adorable AF, no?

The money moment unfolds about two-thirds of the way through the clip when the skeptical corgi flashes the groomer a woebegone look, the eyes communicating a how-could-you-do-me-like-this sense of betrayal.

Not mad, just disappointed.

Finding the woofer's crestfallen resignation all too real and very relatable, Redditors pushed the short video loop to the top of r/awww, the site's landing page for all things cute and furry, with an astounding 58,000+ upvotes.


From there it spilled over to other platforms like Twitter and Imgur, where it has tallied millions of views.

"Glad the support plus his works. My dog needs a Hannibal Lecter type mask!," shared one woman.

"I want to make these plushies for all the puppies. #CareerGoals," added a second.

While the technique might not be as game-changing as that of the Minnesota dad who suspended his Frenchie from a makeshift harness Macgyvered from a cheap handbag and pull-up bar, this does seem like a breakthrough in dog and groomer relations.

Is your pup afraid of getting his or her nails trimmed? Share your grooming hacks in the comments below!