Just 19 Silly Photos Of Pets That Will Make Your Heart Laugh

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Pets are funny! Look at them!

1. "I peed on all of them."

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So proud!


2. When the vet suggests a weight-control diet.

3. She likes to listen to Kitty Purry.

4. "Not pictured: my drunk wife loudly singing the Jurassic Park theme."

Not what he wanted for his birthday.


5. Someone was not being a good boy at the dog park ...

6. "Help a tabby out, ma'am?"

Not to be judgmental, but he's probably going to spend it all on catnip.


7. "Sup?"



8. A dog takes a cat nap:

9. "Did someone say puppuccino?!"

10. "I found 'em!"

"The good boy found the drugs again!"


11. Spider Husky.

12. But who's watching the neighborhood crime watch?

13. Real estate mongrel.

14. Long, sleepy boi.

15. "You're supposed to doggy paddle in the pool, not doggy piddle."

16. Bad Boi.

17. Looks like someone's got a case of the Mondays.

18. "But I'm not ON the bed, I'm IN the bed."

19. Check out the legs on that bird.


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