Just 19 Silly Photos Of Pets That Will Make Your Heart Laugh

Pets are funny! Look at them!

1. "I peed on all of them."

Cute puppy at Home Depot
credit: Reddit

So proud!

2. The vet suggested a diet.

3. She likes to listen to Kitty Purry.

Kitten with cat ear headphones
credit: fotostrana.ru

4. Not what he wanted for his birthday.

Dog wearing birthday hats like he's a dinosaur
credit: Reddit

5. Someone was not being a good boy at the dog park ...

Puppy being carried away
credit: brainblog.net

6. "Help a tabby out, ma'am?"

Cat sitting outside fancy hotel
credit: Tumblr

Not to be judgmental, but he's probably going to spend it all on catnip.

7. "Sup?"

Dogs in backpacks
credit: motika.com.mk


8. A dog takes a cat nap:

Dog taking a nap with a cat sleep mask on
credit: motika.com.mk

9. "Did someone say puppuccino?!"

A very excited little yorkie in a car
credit: Reddit

10. "I found 'em!"

Drug dog and police display of drugs
credit: Reddit

"The good boy found the drugs again!"

11. Spider Husky.

Dog is standing on a brick wall. Like, where is gravity?
credit: picgrum.com

12. But who's watching the neighborhood crime watch?

Cat sitting next to Neighborhood Crime Watch sign
credit: lowbird.com

13. Real estate mongrel.

Dog wearing sunglasses and looking cool by real estate sign
credit: Tumblr

14. Long, sleepy boi.

Dog sleeping on chair but he has a really long neck
credit: mandatory.com

15. "You're supposed to doggy paddle in the pool, not doggy piddle."

16. Bad Boi.

Cool dog in sunglasses standing my a sign that says "No dogs"
credit: mandatory.com

17. Looks like someone's got a case of the Mondays.

lazy bodega cat
credit: motika.com.mk

18. "But I'm not ON the bed, I'm IN the bed."

Husky dog all tucked into bed
credit: motika.com.mk

19. Check out the legs on that bird.

Bird sitting on doll legs and it looks like the bird has legs!
credit: Reddit