18 Animals Dressed Up For Spring

It might not be ground-breaking, but you know you love that Springtime floral aesthetic.

1. What is this cat's secret?

2. This dog is prettier than most human beings.

3. Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's Moobelline.

4. Too cute!

5. Look no further for your spring wedding bridal inspiration.

6. "I got you this."

7. The Corgis are coming in beautifully this year.

8. "Gonna show them who the prettiest one is. Hmph."

9. Such a sweet, sleepy pup.

10. Ooh, foxy!

11. "Something smells great!"

12. Who's a handsome boy? Who is it? Is it you?

13. You don't need fancy jewels to be a fashionable dictator.

14. The flowers bring out her eyes, don't you think?

15. How fabulous!

16. It's not easy being this beautiful.

17. "Wait, these are edible?"

18. Now that's a dandy lion.