18 Pets Who Look Super Awkward While They're Sleeping

Don't wake up these sleeping beauties. They need all the beauty sleep they can get.

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1. Even the best guard dogs have to take a break sometimes.

Husky puppy sleeping against door

2. This is the sleeping slide. The sliding slide is over there.

puppies sleeping on a slide

3. Smile!

dog sleeping sideways and smiling on a blanket

4. Must be a good dream.

sleeping puppy against a window

5. That tongue though.

Husky sleeping against bars

6. All of a sudden - nap!

Puppy sleeping on floor

7. Humans make the best pillows.

Dog sleeping on person's lap

8. She does have front paws in there somewhere.

cat asleep on a blanket with front paws not visible

9. When you're cold but resourceful

Dog snuggling up against heater

10. Sleep yoga is all the rage these days.

orange cat folded up asleep

11. She'll get there someday.

puppy sleeping next to dog bed

12. Breathing? Whatever.

cat sleeping face down

13. You have an entire couch to sleep on, and this is what you choose?

cat sleeping on hard back of gray couch

14. Extreme blep

cat sleeping with tongue out

15. This cat hates Mondays.

Orange cat sleeping face down

16. Cutest protester ever.

Dog sleeping with head on couch

17. What an adorable weirdo.

cat in an awkward sleeping position

18. "Yes, this is definitely the most comfortable spot in the house."

cat sleeping on top of jigsaw puzzle

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1. Even the best guard dogs have to take a break sometimes.