20 Puppies With the Best Smiles on the Internet

We've got all the sweet puppy smiles your heart can handle. There are some dog smiles too, but we hope you'll trust our judgement.

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1. Chubby tummy and a big smile.

2. Freshly groomed smile.

3. Big floppy smile.

4. Post-hike smile.

5. "Look at my new friend!" smile.

6. Car ride smile.

7. Evolution of a smile.

8. "I'm so happy you're home!" smile.

9. "I'm wearing a cozy sweater" smile.

10. Belle of the ball smile.

11. Hammock smile.

12. "My rightful domain has been restored" smile.

13. Sweet, innocent, not allowed on the couch smiles.

14. Splashy smile!

15. Literally an emoji smile.

16. Playing in the woods smile.

17. Try to say 'no' to this smile.

18. Mr. Steal Your Girl smile.

19. Two-for-one comparison smiles.

20. Sunny day smile.

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1. Chubby tummy and a big smile.