These 16 Pets Munching On Their Tails Make You HA HA HA

See if you can scroll through the list below without cracking up from the LOLs.

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1. "When you fall asleep mid tail chew"

dog chewing tail

2. "My tail is ~delicious~"

cat chewing its tail

3. "Tail noms are the best noms"

small cat chewing tail

4. "Having a tail is like having access to a FREE TOY anytime I want"

puppy chewing on tail

5. "Midnight tail snack"

large black dog chewing its tail

6. "It's like all her Christmases have come at once!"

black and white cat chewing its tail

7. "Oh, hi. I didn't expect you home so early." #busted

dog chewing its own tail

8. "Who needs fancy, expensive toys when you're got a long tail?"

kitten and person playing with kitten's tail

9. "When no one will share their snacks."

small Golden Retriever chewing his tail

10. "Finally caught this darned thing!"

large dog outdoors chewing his own tail

11. "Munch munch munch"

black and white cat chewing on her own tail

12. "Throwback to the time I finally caught my tail (and got stuck)."

cute puppy on the floor eating his own tail

13. "I finally caught this crazy thing that’s been chasing me!"

puppy in snow chewing on his tail

14. "Very small munch munch"

tiny gray and white kitten chewing on her tail

15. "I have completed my life's mission! Send details of what to do next"

Golden Retriever on deck outdoors chewing on tail

16. "y eat my food wen i can eat my tail haha lol tastes like chicken"

small orange kitten chewing on tail

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1. "When you fall asleep mid tail chew"