18 Dogs Who Prove Sun Beams Aren't Just For Cats

Cats aren't the only ones catching those sweet, sweet rays.

1. His orientation? Whichever way the sun shines.

2. Literally walks on walls when the clouds part.

3. "Wake me up when it's time for dinner."

4. Because the only thing better than one sunkissed good boy is two sunkissed good boys.

5. Branch managers gonna branch manage.

17 dogs doin themselves a "sunbark"
credit: Eleanor Mjb / Cool Dog Group

6. Remember to flip over every 30 minutes to prevent unsightly tan lines.

7. "Challenge accepted" -- this bridge-building pupper

8. "He is being one with the grass." 😂 😂 😂

9. Mmmmmmmemes FTW!

10. Some dogs chase tennis balls. This one? He chases rays.

11. Cozy mode: Activated!

12. Her superpower is finding the warmest spot in any room.

13. Have rays, will travel.

14. [Extreme Annie Lennox voice]  🎵 Sweet beams are made of this .... 🎵

15. Profile pic taken at a party vs tagged pic taken at a party.

16. Device will bark when charge is complete.

17. That deck life.

18. This dog is doing himself a sunbark.

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