These 17 Pets Doin' Themselves A Dance Will Make You Love Animals More Than You Already Do

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If you've found this week to be a stressful one, blow off some steam with a tippy tap dance party.

1. Have you ever seen anything so pure in your life? Have you really?

2. Shibes gonna Shibe.

3. Rain dance mode: Activated

4. So much excite, so little contain.

5. "It's easy, just do what I do."

6. When the guac is extra but they forget to charge you!

7. We all have that one friend.

8. Tippy taps: So easy even a baby can do it.

9. Oh my stars!

10. When they see you reaching for the leash.

11. [Extreme Brad Pitt Fight Club voice] "I want you to throw the ball as far as you can"

12. You put your left paw in. You take your left paw out ...

13. "We can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind, Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance, Well they're are no friends of mine ...."

14. Tip tapping in place is also a thing and what a thing it is.

15. Just a little splishing & splashing.

16. [Upbeat swing music plays in background]

17. Trust us, you'll want to unmute this one! (Press play to watch.)