These 17 Pets Doin' Themselves A Dance Will Make You Love Animals More Than You Already Do

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If you've found this week to be a stressful one, blow off some steam with a tippy tap dance party.

1. Have you ever seen anything so pure in your life? Have you ~really~?

2. Because Shibes gonna Shibe.

3  Rain dance mode: Activated

4. So much excite, so little contain.

5. "It's easy, just do what I do."

6. When the guac is extra but they forget to charge you!

7. We all have that one friend.

8. Tippy taps: So easy even a baby can do it.

9. Oh my stars!

10. When they see you reaching for the leash.

11. [Extreme Brad Pitt Fight Club voice] "I want you to throw the ball as far as you can"

12. You put your left paw in. You take your left paw out ...

13. "🎵We can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind, Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance, Well they're are no friends of mine .... 🎵"

14. Tip tapping in place is also a thing and what a thing it is.

15. Just a little splishing & splashing.

16. Trust us, you'll want to unmute this one! (Press play to watch.)