17 Goofy Photos Of Pets That Will Make Your Tired Heart Chuckle

These pets are delightfully silly.

1. So you better feed her right ...

2. Oh, but just wait until you see what she did with your favorite pair of shoes.

"I destroyed them."

3. "I hope she's bringing me KFC like I asked."

4. Now that he's a big boy, he gets to pick out his own food.

5. There's a big, scary spider in the sink.

6. Buddha is cool sharing with nice dogs, though.

7. "You caught a really big bug."

"And you're gonna eat it!? Cool."

8. Ya, but she's so bossy and has pointy claws.

9. "Have you heard about the zoo where the only animal is a dog?"

"It's a shitzu."

10. Everyone could use a happy turtle.

11. Synchronized Peeing is a sport in the Dog Olympics.

And these two are going for the gold.

12. "Hello there, fellow dog."

"I can see you are also a good boy."

13. "Man, this is gonna get so many likes on Instagram."

14. He just realized he could get his own puppuccino if he could drive.

But he can't.

15. His ukulele version of Who Let the Dogs Out is very popular.

16. "I'm gonna eat that Twitter bird."

17. It me.