17 Goofy Photos Of Pets That Will Make Your Tired Heart Chuckle

These pets are delightfully silly.

1. So you better feed her right ...

Cat playing on a scratching pole
credit: Reddit

2. Oh, but just wait until you see what she did with your favorite pair of shoes.

Happy, smiling corgi
credit: Dumpaday.com

"I destroyed them."

3. "I hope she's bringing me KFC like I asked."

4. Now that he's a big boy, he gets to pick out his own food.

Puppy going grocery shopping!
credit: Reddit

5. There's a big, scary spider in the sink.

Cat looking in bathroom mirror
credit: onesizzle.com

6. Buddha is cool sharing with nice dogs, though.

Dog who sneaks his neighbor's food offerings to Buddha
credit: izismile.com

7. "You caught a really big bug."

Cat surprised by lobster
credit: dumpaday.com

"And you're gonna eat it!? Cool."

8. Ya, but she's so bossy and has pointy claws.

Big dog scared of a little kitten
credit: Reddit

9. "Have you heard about the zoo where the only animal is a dog?"

Dog with a funny smile
credit: Imgur

"It's a shitzu."

10. Everyone could use a happy turtle.

Nice turtle and a sad cat
credit: indulgy.com

11. Synchronized Peeing is a sport in the Dog Olympics.

Dogs that are "pee buddies" and peeing at the same time!
credit: Imgur

And these two are going for the gold.

12. "Hello there, fellow dog."

Little kid in a dog mask and his dog friend licks him
credit: The Chive

"I can see you are also a good boy."

13. "Man, this is gonna get so many likes on Instagram."

Dogs doing a selfie on the beach
credit: panika.be

14. He just realized he could get his own puppuccino if he could drive.

Corgi behind the wheel of a car looking very excited
credit: Imgur

But he can't.

15. His ukulele version of Who Let the Dogs Out is very popular.

16. "I'm gonna eat that Twitter bird."

Kitten with a cell phone
credit: Reddit

17. It me.

Dog wearing glasses, looking at laptop
credit: bromygod.com