20 Pets Knocking Over Kids

Some people like to unwind by watching pets knock over kids, okay?

1. Ok, this one is just impressive. That dog can jump!

2. 10/10

3. "Ya gotta keep 'em scared. Keep 'em on their toes."

4. If at first you don't succeed ....

5. A for effort.

6. Maximum entertainment for such low effort.

7. Ok, not so much knocking over a kid, but tricking a child into getting into a small cabinet and trapping it.

8. It's like bowling, but the pins are small children.

9. "Stay away from me with those peanut butter and jelly fingers, kid."

10. Ya. I'll allow it.

11. Look at the dog's expression when he realizes what he's done ...

12. Notice how the cat doesn't get a single drop of water on him.

13. Ok, tell me the dogs haven't been planning this one for days ....

14. Cats like to knock things over and sometimes that includes small children.

15. I can't stop watching this one.

16. What's funny is that it's not even their cat.

17. The kitten did not think this one out.

18. Remember when we didn't have the internet so we just had to hope that American Funniest Home Videos had a video of a cat pouncing a baby?

19. That cat really does have a giant head.

20. Oh wait. Wrong list, sorry.