20 Realizations You Have When You Move Out Of Your Parent’s House

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Being a grown-up is exhausting.

1. When you realize you can eat whatever you want.

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Okay, that part is cool.


2. When your car breaks down and you have to figure out public transportation.

3. When you realize you have to do your own grocery shopping.

4. When you have to make yourself go to bed at a reasonable hour.

5. When you realize you have no idea how a car works.

6. When you wake up and realize you have to go to work every day for like 50 years.

7. When you're home alone and hear a scary sound.

8. When you have to start eating more fruits and vegetables.

9. When you have to clean up your own mess.

10. When you realize the garbage doesn't magically take itself out.

11. When you realize you have to exercise to be healthy.

12. When you literally have to drag yourself to work.

13. When you've paid all your bills and have like $50 for two weeks.

14. When you have to figure out how to work the dishwasher.

15. When you realize how long it will take you to pay off your student loans.

16. When you try to act like a sophisticated grown-up on a date.

17. When you realize college did not prepare you for your job.

18. When you have to ask your parents for money.

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19. When all you have to eat is ingredients, and no food.

20. When there's a spider.