18 Silly Pictures Of Cats & Dogs To Bring You Smiles

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Just 18 pets being cute and silly.

1. "Hey babe ..."

Video of the Day

2. *Answers imaginary phone call*

3. "Today I will be my best worst self."

4. We're so proud. He's started his job at the golf course to save money for college.

Good boy!

5. Letting the cat have her own social media accounts was a mistake.


7. Just a reminder that Steven King's corgi, Molly, AKA The Thing Of Evil is a total badass.

8. Fat dog in a little coat.

9. "I was playing Superman."

10. "I like ball."

11. Lettuce nap.

12. Pouncer likes the nip.

"Have you ever like, really just looked at your paw?"


13. "Let's gooooooooooooo."

14. Cathulu would like a snack please.

15. Like every picture of me.

16. "I fly the plane, I fly it good. I fly the plane, they pay me food."

17. "So much toys..."

"Wonderful, wonderful toys."


18. Cats go up better than they go down.

It's a scientific fact.