18 Silly Pictures Of Cats & Dogs To Bring You Smiles

Just 18 pets being cute and silly.

1. "Hey babe ..."

Cat being especially cute
credit: anlyin

2. *Answers imaginary phone call*

Dog looking alarmed
credit: kukupuff

3. "Today I will be my best worst self."

Big cat looking in bathroom mirror
credit: anlyin

4. We're so proud. He's started his job at the golf course to save money for college.

Corgi driving a lawnmower
credit: Imgur

Good boy!

5. Letting the cat have her own social media accounts was a mistake.

Cat with sunglasses
credit: anlyin


Cute cat with pollen all over his face
credit: anlyin

7. Just a reminder that Steven King's corgi, Molly, AKA The Thing Of Evil is a total badass.

8. Fat dog in a little coat.

Fat little dog can't button his jacket!
credit: kukupuff

9. "I was playing Superman."

Cat stuck in a bag
credit: PeterInouye

10. "I like ball."

11. Lettuce nap.

Cat asleep in a salad container
credit: anlyin

12. Pouncer likes the nip.

"Have you ever like, really just looked at your paw?"

13. "Let's gooooooooooooo."

dog driving a car
credit: etags.com

14. Cathulu would like a snack please.

Cat waking up!
credit: anlyin

15. Like every picture of me.

Funny dog with a blep
credit: kukupuff

16. "I fly the plane, I fly it good. I fly the plane, they pay me food."

Cute little dog dressed up like a pilot
credit: kukupuff

17. "So much toys..."

Cat with all her toys on the floor
credit: anlyin

"Wonderful, wonderful toys."

18. Cats go up better than they go down.

Cat stuck on a ladder
credit: anlyin

It's a scientific fact.