18 Silly Pictures Of Cats & Dogs To Bring You Smiles

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Just 18 pets being extremely cute and extremely silly.

1. "How your girl looks when she's about to ask for something 🤣 "

Hey babe ...


Video of the Day

2. "When the person you JUST MET starts telling really personal stories 😟"

  • Pretends to answer imaginary phone call*


3. "Me wondering how big of a jerk I'm going to be today"

"Today I will be my best worst self."


4. We're so proud. He's started his job at the golf course to save money for college.

Good boy!


5. "Don't @ me and don't pat me 😎"

"Letting the cat have her own social media accounts was a mistake.



6. "Due to the recent honeybee crisis, my cat has taken it upon himself to pollinate all the flowers. With his face."



7. "Banned from Petco for reasons that can't be disclosed in a public forum."

Just a reminder that Steven King's corgi, Molly, AKA The Thing Of Evil is a total badass who regrets nothing ever.


8. Fat dog in a little coat.

That's it, that's the caption.


9. "There was this quiet but constant rustle in the hallway. This is what I found."

She was playing Superman.


10. "When you see your crush in public and try to act like a normal human being"

11. "My cat fell asleep in my salad"

Lettuce nap.

12. "I gave pouncer catnip for the first time and he's been in the salad bowl staring at his foot for the last 10 minutes"

"Have you ever like, really just looked at your paw?"

13. "It's a grey light. Better hurry before it turns grey."

"Let's gooooooooooooo."


14. "The smell of food awakened an ancient evil"

Cathulu would like a snack please.

15. "I'm gonna take your picture"

Wait, I'm not rea-


This happens every time I get my driver's license renewed.

16. "I fly the plane, I fly it good. I fly the plane, they pay me food."

17. "I dumped all of her toys on the floor at once and she malfunctioned"

Wonderful, wonderful toys.

18. "Heard my cat crying outside, found her stuck like this..."

Cats go up better than they go down — it's a scientific fact.


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