You Cannot Unsee These 17 Unbelievably Pregnant Cats & Dogs

Birds do it, bees do it. Even cats and dogs do it. And then they get like, really, really, pregnant.

1. I think she's ready to have the babies.

Very mad looking pregnant cat
credit: Malvorlagen

2. She's trying to get as much sleep as she can before the puppies come.

Pregnant dog sleeping sitting up because her belly is so big!
credit: SharonMcclian

3. "Hold my paw."

4. "The kittens are coming out of where?!"

5. She's composing herself because someone just asked when she was due for the 1000th time.

6. "I thought I was gonna have kittens! Those are aliens!"

Pregnant cat and X-ray of kittens
credit: MeArePaige

7. We're gonna need a bigger litter box.

Cat getting a fake ultrasound
credit: Imgur

8. Yes that ribbon does make you look slimmer.

pregnant dog
credit: Reddit

9. "I thought a stork was gonna bring my babies."

10. "Extra pats for the kittens please."

11. Majestic as meow.

pregnant cat
credit: 9Gag

12. She's eating for 7.

hungry pregnant cat
credit: 9Gag

14. Dreaming of not being pregnant.

15. She just heard the ice cream truck.

Pregnant dog posing for a picture
credit: henriksen1

16. She's so over it.

Weary looking pregnant cat
credit: RetroRider

17. Someone just asked if she was still pregnant.

Very pregnant chihuahua
credit: Fotolia

18. Wha?

cat finding out she's pregnant
credit: 9gag