26 Cats & Dogs Who Completely Failed At The One Job They Had To Do

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Just one job. That's all they had.

1. Let's play frisbee!

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2. Let's put on a Halloween costume!

Reminder: Not all pets love wearing clothes. If yours is one them, please don't force the issue.


3. All you had to do was NOT get into the garbage.

4. Don't fall into the bathtub that doesn't even have water in it.

5. Four terrible sheepherders. One good sheep.

6. Please hand me a paper towel.

7. Sure, have a little drink from the toilet, cat.

8. Let's play soccer!

9. Show that dog who is boss!

10. Play fetch with grandma!

Editor's note: This didn't actually happen. We think?


11. Play with your toy.

12. Please hand me that balloon.

13. Blow out the candles!

14. Come here for a minute.

15. There's a reason we bought you a dog step.

16. Eat.

17. My dude, that is not the place to store your winter nuts.

18. Hmmm. Ok, that actually worked out.

19. Bite the water!

20. Catch!

21. Bring your stick home!

22. Be the Pet of the Day, kitten.

23. This dog literally has one job: to dog.

24. Make me some toast, please.

25. Have a little ice cream!

26. These dogs are great at their job actually. We could all learn a good lesson by watching them.