18 of the Finest Cat Bellies the World Has Ever Seen

Please enjoy this treasure trove of 18 notable cat bellies.

1. Here's what we consider a fine cat belly: a little chub, a lot of fur, and four paws in the air.

Beautiful ginger cat
credit: sonalis1092

2. It's fine to color coordinate your cat's belly with your bedding, but it's not necessary.

3. Look at all that floof. 👀 👀 👀

4. Impressive side flub here.

5. It's like you want to pet the belly, but you know that will activate the teeth and claws.

Fluffy cat belly
credit: BeautifulJade

Still very tempting ...

6. She knows how cute her belly is.

Smiling cat, sleeping
credit: MisuCat

"My belly is so cute."

7. Show us where the food goes!

X marks the spot!

8. Cute bellies come in all sizes.

Tubby cat belly
credit: buffyfan

There's just more to pet!

9. Here we have a very cozy belly.

Super sleepy cat
credit: skirr

10. A beautiful storm cloud of a belly ...

Sleeping cat
credit: dogsofwikihow

11. This is what happens when you feed your cat bananas.

Cat with a banana for scale
credit: Pyriel17

They get really long. Just kidding.

12. It's a nice day for a cat belly.

Cat sleeping on grass
credit: sila0323

13. Risky, but it's so soft and totally worth it.

Floofy cat getting a belly rub
credit: NanoFloofs

14. Is this a cat or a fancy rug?

Extremely fluffy cat
credit: minor_details

15. Oh, excuse us.

Cat sitting in a compromising position
credit: JordynHarley

16. Magnificent!

17. White tips and nips — a stunning color combination.

Cat sleeping
credit: fastfeetmcp

18. We saved the finest cat belly for last. *chef kiss*

The most beautiful, most fluffiest cat
credit: MilkChugg