18 of the Finest Cat Bellies the World Has Ever Seen

Please enjoy this treasure trove of 18 notable cat bellies.

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1. Here's what we consider a fine cat belly.

2. It's fine to color coordinate your cat's belly with your bedding.

3. Look at all that floof. 👀 👀 👀

4. Impressive side flub here.

5. It's like you want to pet the belly, but teeth and claws.

6. She knows how cute her belly is.

7. Show us where the food goes!

8. Cute bellies come in all sizes.

9. Here we have a very cozy belly.

10. A beautiful storm cloud of a belly ...

11. This is what happens when you feed your cat bananas.

12. It's a nice day for a cat belly.

13. Risky, but it's so soft and totally worth it.

14. Is this a cat or a fancy rug?

15. Oh, excuse us.

16. Magnificent!

17. White tips and nips — a stunning color combination.

18. We saved the finest cat belly for last. *chef kiss*

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1. Here's what we consider a fine cat belly.