These Are the Most Insane Pet Names People Are Sharing on Twitter

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From the everyday to the obscure, people find inspiration for their pets' nicknames in all sorts of places.

Hefty Princess, Tiny Pants and Pineapple Nugget: These are but some of the absolutely bonkers pet names people have pinned on their unwitting pets.


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The hilarious handles, terms of endearment and aliases surfaced this weekend on a trending Twitter thread in which people were prompted to share their critters' names — and how those same monikers have evolved or proliferated over time.

It all started when Amanda Mull, a Brooklyn-based writer, posed the following question to her 22,000+ followers:

"what weird thing that's not your pet's real name are you calling your pet currently[?]"

"midge's name right now is Hefty Princess, which: same," she quipped, before adding a portrait of said good girl.

Because the social web is nothing if not social, folks quickly jumped in with their own takes which spanned along a sprawling continuum.


On one end: the every day and human. On the other: the obscure and fanciful. And from memes to movies, food to fandom, puns to honorifics, it seems the name game inspiration can strike at any time.

"My dog Susan is currently putting up with me calling her 'Pineapple Nugget' and 'Live Nugget'. I guess I like nugget names," volunteered one woman.

Head tilt game: STRONG

"Don’t ask me why, but lately, Angelica Pickles has become 'Big Porkums,'" shared another.

Nom de plume or noms noms noms de ploom?

And on and on and on it went, colorful reply piling up after colorful reply.


"This is Luna aka Puppy Stretchies or Mrs Butt Wiggle because she works it so hard her butt hits both sides of the hall when she walks."

"Our good doggo Nella Jane is more commonly referred to as: Bourbon, Gurgen, Bubsy or Shramp."


"Her name is mugs but at the moment we’re calling her Monster child, flank steak, or fish fillet. Seems accurate."

Cosigning on the accuracy of this statement

"This is Benny, but I call him Booger (or Boog or Boogie) far more frequently 🤷"

"Meet Charlie... aka Mr steal your girl, aka Mr Pants, aka Mr Wiggle pants, aka Mr Wiggles aka Charlie Pants .... He’s the best"

"Turkey bottom brown stuff."

Good boy doin a sit

"My dad and I love to go down the obscure reference rabbit hole with nicknames. This is Odie, and we call him Beetus. It went like this: Odie --> Oats --> Wilford Brimley --> Diabeetus --> Beetus"

There will be a quiz on this later you have been warned

"Thin mint"

* scoops up, puts in pocket *

"Thyra. Used to be The Furricane, now Fuzzbutt ;-) also Ty or Ty Ty (when talking to her) or poochiewooch at times ;-)"

When in doubt, repeat name for effect

"This is Merl but I mostly call him Tiny Pants because from the back it looks like he’s wearing teensy lil pantaloons."

"This is Roux. I love her crooked ears. They are the crookedest. I often call her: Crooks, Crooklyn, Crooktonomicon..."

Commence the Croox

"Her name is Harper but the things that come out of my mouth when I’m around her include: bunny, bear, kitten-bear, bunny-bear, Chubbo, Mayor of Chubbock Texas"

She has my vote

"This is Melody. I call her Boppy. I have a whole song I sing to her called Boppy Girl but in the tune of Barbie Girl. She deserves better. 😄"

Sing like no one is listening

"Mr Pants, aka Rocco Crockett king of the wild backyard"

"I'm in shape. Round is a shape"

"This is Jasper. Lately he’s been; Bean, tu tu bean, and tooka maka jazzy. As to why, your guess is as good as mine."

"This is Ludo. I call him Lucifer, Blue-Blue, Lou Ferigno, Ludist Priest, Neighbourhood Watch, Loofis and Lu-doo."

17/10 passengers would let this doggo call shotgun

Blown away from the avalanche of responses and shares, Mull expressed her gratitude.

But so popular has it become that more than two days after she first tweeted, the thread continues to attract dozens of sidesplitting submissions by the hour.


To wade through the rest of 'em, click here and scroll on.

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