23 Library Cats Reading All the Books and Napping All the Naps

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1. "Yes, sir, they are all organized now!"

cat in library

2. "Lucy’s PSA: Return your stuff if you want to graduate"

cat sitting on library desk

3. "Ma'am, no food in the library, unless you're willing to share with me"

cat in library on table

4. "I'm gonna have to push this to the top of my 'to-read' pile."

black cat with book in front of face

5. His reward for reading all these books is a well-deserved nap.

cat sleeping on library chair


tiny kitten among library books

7. "Samantha found a new spot to perch."

cat perched on library filing cabinet

8. "This is how I roll."

cat on rolling cart

9. "It didn't take long for Ethan to be claimed as the store's best seat."

cat sitting on man in library

10. "Another Dan Brown novel?"

cat looking judgmental in library

11. "Nice pile of books. Be a shame if someone fell asleep on them."

cat looking down at books

12. "Books feed my dreams."

cat sleeping in front of books

13. "You may sit, but first you must pet."

cat sitting on chair with woman

14.  "I wonder if she could help with CATaloguing 😸"

cat on library cart

15. "To borrow a book you must provide a belly rub."

cat looking threatening in a library

16. "Heard of the library of Alexandria? This is nothing like that."

cat on a library cart with books

17. "Henrietta helps one of our pages search for a book 😸😺"

Cat sitting in front of computer monitor

18. Hello, where are your purr-iodicals? (Sorry, not sorry)

cat on library desk

19. Almost time for my post-book nap.

cat yawning on a table in the library

20. FACT: the bigger your eyes, the faster you can read. 📚

cat with huge eyes in a library

21. "We had a surprise visitor in the library today!"

librarian with cute cat

22. "This entrance is blocked with some very important napping."

cat napping in front of library doors

23. On the perils of judging a book by its title.

cat reading To Kill a Mockingbird

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1. "Yes, sir, they are all organized now!"