18 of the Cutest Little Babies That Will Make You Say 'Awww'

Here are the best babies!

1. Bendy baby.

Cute sleeping kitten.
credit: meoe

Where are your bones, baby!?

2. Bird babies.

A handful of baby birds.
credit: Doctorjames25

3. Box of beautiful babies.

Box of pitbull babies.
credit: benarius

4. Slow baby.

Baby sloth
credit: xantham

5. Toes baby.

6. Primate blep baby.

Gorilla baby
credit: xantham

7. Proud, brave wilderness baby.

Cute puppy
credit: vigilant_RS

8. Ears and hands baby.

Baby lemur
credit: xantham

9. Sweetest baby who misses you when you take a shower.

10. Baby in a jar.

Kittens being silly
credit: MyLittleGirl

Plus one amazed baby.

11. Polite mouse baby.

Cute mouse
credit: Doctorjames25

12. Sleep baby.

13. Monkey baby.

Cute baby monkey
credit: xantham

14. Ladylike racoon baby.

Baby racoon that looks very polite
credit: berger90

15. Good boi baby.

Cute puppy
credit: ja5631084

16. Happy rescued baby.

Kitten rescued from the engine of a car and she's so happy
credit: lkorut

17. Assertive baby.

Kitten demanding to be adopted!
credit: crashflames

18. Attack babies.