23 Adorable Animal Pictures To Soothe Your Soul

Make some hot chocolate with marshmallows, and get cozy with your favorite cuddle buddy. Here's a list of 23 cute animals being adorable.

1. Here is a nice dog getting to know his new kitten sister.

2. Thank you, Punkin.

3. This picture of baby sloths at a sloth sanctuary has been proven to improve mental health, probably.

Baby sloths snuggling stuffed animals at a sloth sanctuary
credit: smeen

4. Watching puppies in action is very soothing.

5. Look, this visitor wanted a little snack.

"Hello, it is I, a bird."

6. Unlikely friends are always fun.

7. Bookstore cats are the most calm cats.

8. This clever pup is taking himself for a little walk.

Lab puppy taking himself on a walk
credit: satirico

"See ya."

9. Partying on a Saturday night is fun!

10. A newly-adopted kitten for you.

Happy rescued kitten sitting on a car's dash board
credit: maileykaye

So triumphant!

11. Oh, here's another newly adopted kitten!

Happy adopted kitten fell asleep on the way home
credit: tylo144

He was so content and happy, he fell asleep smiling on the way home.

12. Find you someone that looks at you like this dog waiting for his person to wake up.

13. The only vacation pictures we want to see are happy dogs on vacation.

14. These kind humans are helping guide newly-hatched baby turtles into the ocean.

Humans on a beach forming two walls so the baby turtles can find their way to the ocean
credit: reddit.com

15. Rescued baby farm animals give us all the feels ...

16. This lucky black cat was rescued on a Friday the 13th!

Black kitten rescued on Friday the 13th
credit: gokzias

She looks surprised, too!

17. This rescue pup, snoozing with his new little human ...

18. Puppies in pajamas are always a good idea.

19. We cannot get enough of cute rescued kittens!

20. A for effort, little pup.

Proud puppy sitting by a sign that says "0 days since my last accident"
credit: imgur.com

21. The Ministry of Silly (Dog) Walks ...

22. Ridiculously teeny tiny baby kittens always tug at our heartstrings.

23. Cats, man, they'll sleep anywhere.

Kitten fast asleep on shelf with DVD's
credit: zoodiary8