17 Of The Best Pets On The Internet This Week

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Were you too busy watching the news and taking care of your family and going to work this week to look at cute animals on the internet?! NO PROBLEM. Here are the 17 best pet pics from this week. You are welcome.


1. This legendary pizza-eating dog is still eating pizza!

2. Awwww! Look at these friendly floofs ...

3. It was a big week for barn kitties. Look at these guys!

4. Here is a cat breaking his dog buddies out of dog jail.

This would be a great movie.

Video of the Day

5. Look at this bird splashing around in water!

Go bird!


6. Wedding bells for Max and Brandy!

What did you get them??!

7. This is where allll the cat food goes ...

8. This dog is, like, really good at stairs.

9. Cats are naturally tidy animals.

They even put themselves away.

10. The human has made the correct decision.

11. This dog's happy dance is just the best.

12. Here is a cat who did a fine stretch this week.

13. Wait for it .....

14. "Look what I made!"

15. Local Dog Resigned To Wearing Silly Hat

16. "Finally, my drinking fountain is back."

17. I saw a really good play this week.