15 Ridiculous Yet Adorable Pictures Of Pets

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1. We love dogs, thank you!

two dogs playing in the snow

2. Exercise is important.

cat doing pull ups on a chair

3. This is what Cat God looks like:

huge grey cat looking wise

4. "Eat your veggies." says these dogs.

two dogs eating bell peppers

5. The face of betrayal

freshly bathed dog looking betrayed

6. They have a job Sara, it's called sleeping.

two cats sleeping

7. This kitten's got game.

kitten winking

8. Pug-iano.

pug playing piano

9. Here is a dog with a pancake on his face.

dog with pancake on his face

Dogs, man. Do we even deserve them?

dog looking sweetly at camera

11. Maybe we deserve cats.

cat stretching out

12. Yes, that's it.

cute cat looking at camera

13. Floop.

dog flipping rug

14. Rosie is taking a well-deserved snooze.

Rosie the dog sleeping

Please keep your pug out of direct heat.

Cute pug closeup

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1. We love dogs, thank you!