21 Adorable Chores for Pets to Do Around the House

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Do you need some help around the house?

It's time for those lazy cats and dogs to get to work and start earning those treats and belly rubs by helping out with the household chores.


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1. Don't have time to make sure your Roomba does the job? Just put a dog on it!

2. Cat paws absorb soapy suds, making them the purrfect dish washers!

3. Clean your floor in half the time by simply attaching two kittens to your mop!

4. Do you need a hole? Dogs are experts at digging holes!

5. Order the fantastic Duster Dog TM and finally have the clean house of your dreams!

Only three payments of a million dollars!!


6. Maybe you could use a purrsonal assistant?

7. So much help!

8. You don't need an alarm clock when you've got a hungry cat!

9. Are you sick and tired of closing things?? Get a dog to close all your things!

10. Don't have time to watch your clothes dry? No problem! Just stick a kitten in front of that dryer and they'll do the watching for you!

11. Sprinkler broken? Don't know what to do?! Just get a dog wet and watch your yard grow!!

12. Is your goat dirty? No problem!!

13. Do you hate making the bed? You need help!

14. Leaky faucet? Not anymore!

15. Shoveling your snowy sidewalk got you down? Get a dog!!

16. Sick of scrubbing your floor? You need a spry little dog to get the job done!

17. Baby sitter call in sick? No big deal. Just hire a kitten!

18. Or a dog! He'll sit on those kids, no problem!

19. Wet floor?! Cats hate wet floors!

20. Yard work? More like DOG WORK!

21. No time for baby's bath? The solution is A DOG!

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