Just 17 Pets Who Will Make You Smile

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Just try to not smile when you read this.

1. Bite the rainbow.

2. "No difference between these two pictures"

3. "If you've never had a rat as a pet before, they have adorable personalities and are very affectionate! They can even learn their name and tricks, just like a dog! 🤯"

4. Finally, a political stance that we can all agree on.

5. "She head me sniffling and gave me a napkin."



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6. "She comes here everyday to give him a kiss and then leaves"

A love story ...


7. "You can cleanse my body, Steve, but you will never cleanse my black soul!"

When Stephen King's corgi gets a bath, it's a spooky bath.


8. Job Interviewer: "So, tell me what special skills you have." Me:



9. "He hates salad"

Cats are not helpful when you diet.



10. "I want my rats to grow up with positive role models. So we watched Ratatouille together. Gravy was really into it."

Remy is a good role model for all of us, not just rats.


11. "I just picked up my dog Clyde from the groomers and they gave him a bow tie."

Clyde is looking spiffy.


12. "Dog picks out her own shelter kitten"

"This one."


13. "Chester had his first night of fireworks last night and it took him a little bit to get scared. Overall, he was a champ! A true east hollywood cat. 💥🧨"

14. "Me when I see any dog"

15. "Here's my best bud Murphy a month after we adopted him. Your feed has been blessed."

16. "This photo of my mom and a sloth hugging is everything."

17. Dogs are experts at selfies.

Who wouldn't rather get a dog selfie than a human selfie?!


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