These 18 Pets Will Make You LOL

These 18 Pets Will Make You LOL

If these 18 funny pet pictures don't make you laugh out loud, then we just don't know about you. Seriously.

1. Goodbye everyone!

2. Big ears, blep, and paws in the air - the trifecta of cute.

And that little smile just puts it over the top.

3. Magnificent.

4. Possibly the most adorable science experiment ...

5. "Hello please feed me."

A cat FaceTiming his person
credit: anlyin

6. "Enough."

A cat is finished with getting pets
credit: Khanect

7. Welcome to Happy Dog Land.

No cats allowed.

8. Just keep scrolling ...

Go on.


10. Here is a cat fight.

11. This was a good movie.

A dog, in an alien costume
credit: EdgyCat

Very scary.

12. T as in "tabby", and also "tenacious".

13. He is judging you from his dog hole.

Dog dug a hole and is sitting in it, looking kind of judgemental
credit: EdgyCat

14. We all needed some big licks, thank you.

15. Thanks, buddy.

A very nice on a brick wall
credit: EdgyCat

16. These are not nice things.

Cat inside an old couch
credit: anlyin

This cat is doing you a favor.


Everyone has that one super judgmental friend.

18. "Sweet dreams, hooman."

A cat and a reading light. Some impressive shadows.
credit: anlyin