22 Cats On Twitter That Are Such Good Cats

How do you even get through your Twitter feed if there aren't any cute cats?

1. Such a hard day being a cat.

2. "And let me guess, she's taking a picture of me again, too."

3. Charged!

4. Cats are so silly.

5. There is nothing a fuzzy cat belly can't fix. Thank you Margaret.

6. Travis is a writer for Cuteness and he has a good cat.

7. Allegra is also a Cuteness writer and she has a very nice cat.

8. When someone you follow on Twitter saves a kitten, it's pretty much the most wonderful thing ever.

9. Watching the progress they make with said kitten is so special!

10. Jingles IS a good cat! Way to go, Jingles!

11. Yes, they do.  * cry face *

12. You're right, some things ARE good, like these fluffballs!

13. Oh sorry, I think this is a cloud, not a cat.

14. They don't look guilty, Steven. They're cats.

15. Yes, your cat is good at sleep.

16. We love your cat, too!

17. Congratulations, you have been adopted by a cat.

18. Purrfect.

19. Found him!

20. Are you high on catnip too, Yolanda?

21. "Here."

22. That is a weird mermaid.