16 Cats Who Have Fallen Madly in Love With the Dog

Don't you dare judge their love. These pets are as cute as heck, and they don't care what you think.

1. The gentlest collision.

Dog and cat bumping heads.
credit: Tumblr

2. "Alright, your turn."

3. Two peas in a pod.

Dog and cat curled up together.
credit: Reddit

4. "You don't mind, do you?"

5. Two beds turned out to be unnecessary.

Dog and cat squeezed into the same dog bed.
credit: Reddit

6. "Of course there's room for you here, buddy."

7. Neighborhood watch.

Dog and cat looking out a window together.
credit: Imgur

8. So much fluff!

8. "I'll just let him work off those zoomies."

9. So sweet they'll give you cavities.

Dog and cat cuddling.
credit: Reddit

10. Friendly massage.

11. "We know it seems sudden, but it just feels right."

Dog and cat sharing a bed in a kennel.
credit: Reddit

12. A very lazy game of patty cake.

Dog and cat touching paws.
credit: Reddit

13. "Oooh nooo, you got meeee!"

14. They were working on their science project when the nap attacked.

Dog and cat sleeping next to each other with office supplies.
credit: Reddit

15. "Don't worry, friend. I will free you from this cruel prison."

16. Boop!

Dog and cat touching noses.
credit: Reddit