20 Cats Who Look Like Loaves Of Bread

cat sitting next to loaves of bread
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1. Never give up on your dreams!

Cat loaves are the best thing since sliced bread. They were also the best thing since before sliced bread. Basically, cat loaves are the best thing.

cat loaf sitting in a pie tin
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3. "If it fits, I sits," cat loaf edition.

cat loaf looking up
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4. We need the recipe for this cat loaf ASAP.

cat loaf sitting next to a toy loaf
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5. Two loaves loafing around.

cat loaf wrapped in paper
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6. Cat loaf fresh from the bakery.

four cat loaves in a suit case
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7. If you're traveling, you'll want to pack extra cat loaves just in case.

gray cat loaf
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8. We advise against eating a loaf this color, but petting it is fine.

cat turning into a cat loaf
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9. The making of a cat loaf.

cat loaf at the airport
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10. They're giving out free cat loaves at the airport!

cat loaf with matching kitten loaf
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11. Cat loaf with matching kitten loaf.

cat loaf on a glass table
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12. A rare glimpse at the underside of a cat loaf.

cat loaf looking calm
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13. Pawless and flawless loaf.

cat loaf with its head down
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14. This cat loaf hates Mondays.

baguette cat loaf
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15. Baguette cat loaf.

ciabatta cat loaf
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16. Ciabatta cat loaf.

cat biscuit
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17. More like a cat biscuit.

cinnamon roll cat loaf
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18. How about a cinnamon roll?

cat loaf next to game controller
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19. "What am I supposed to do with this? I'm a loaf."