18 Sleeping Cats Who Are Too Cute To Wake Up

Let sleeping cats lie. That's how that saying goes, right?

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1. Shh!

2. Have you ever seen a sleepier kitten?

3. They're mind melding, but it's cute as heck.

4. Communing with nature.

5. Yesterday the dog ate your homework. Today the cat fell asleep on it.

6. The cuddle puddle to end all cuddle puddles.

7. Hope you didn't plan on using that arm ever again.

8. The most soothing GIF of all time.

9. Just a quick nap, and then it's back to fighting the evil sock monster.

10. All stretched out for proper spinal alignment.

11.  Sleeping deep after a night of tearing up and down the hallway.

12. You may play the Jaws theme, but only if you do so very quietly.

13. "Sorry, boss, I can't come in. My cat is too cute."

14.  Must... resist... belly...

15. This much cute should be illegal.

16.  Zzzzz.

17. Is there anything better than a cat falling asleep on you?

18. "No computers. Only sleeps."

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1. Shh!