20 Cats Being Unbearably Adorable With Babies

Cats and babies have a lot in common. They both nap a lot; they both like milk; and they both have heads covered in soft fur — uh, or hair. Whatever you call it.

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1. Learning how to nap from the expert.

2. "Baby, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

3. "I don't know if this is really my style, but you do you, kid."

4. "This one is mine. Get your own."

5. Weekend vibes.

6. Cats are easily surprised.

7. "Read it again."

8. Warm, fuzzy pillow.

9. "They call it snow. It's wet. Don't bother."

10. "Hey. Hey, kid. Pet me. Pet me!"

11. "No, I'M the baby"

12. "Wait until they go in for the tummy rub. That's when you strike."

13. Sweet little forehead kisses.

14. You call it a mess, they call it an opportunity.

15. When you and your best friend have the same nap schedule

16. "Since the new human has no fur, I will warm it with my body."

Just a touch of sibling rivalry.

18. "Don't let them fool you, kid. It's as bad as it looks."

19. Road trip buddies.

20. Just a big, sleepy pile of softness.

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1. Learning how to nap from the expert.