20 Dog Memes That Are Deeply Relatable

If some of these memes hit a little too close to home, at least the sting is lessened by all the adorable dogs.

1. "OMG stopppp"

2. When you hear your name come up in a conversation you're not part of

3. Um ... no, thanks.

4. "Do you still love me?"

5. Yes, please!

6. Bask in it. Bask, damn you!

7. Things could probably be worse.

8. Just the essentials, OK?

9. "Shh. Coffee hasn't kicked in yet."

10. Literally any time your favorite fictional couple is in a room together

11. "Why am I here when there's an entire new season of Great British Bake Off on Netflix?"

12. Didn't we do this last week?

13. The usual. Just ask for the usual.

14. Deep breath ... count to 10 ...


16. You don't really need a shower, right?

17. Well, this is awkward.

18. Such a bargain!

19. Whatever it is, it's hopeless.

20. YOLO!