18 Weirdo Cats Drinking Out Of Things They Shouldn't Be

These cats don't care that there's a full bowl of water ten feet away. They're determined to quench their thirst as uniquely as possible.

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1. What? It tastes better this way.

2. You were done with that, right?


4. This cat that does not need any more caffeine today.

5. That's...one way to do it.

6. Totally normal.

7. "This way, I can taste the freshness."

8. Her immune system must be pretty powerful by now.

Mlem mlem mlem mlem.

10. "Dang humans, putting my water all the way up here."

11. Everyone knows the best water is at high altitudes.


13. There has to be a more efficient way.

14. When it's finally Margarita Monday

15. No one can resist a nice, cold, refreshing glass of ice water.

16. Warm and soapy, just the way I like it.


18. Fact: water tastes better when it belongs to someone else.

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1. What? It tastes better this way.