19 Perfectly Timed Photos of Sneezing Dogs

Let's face it, dog sneezes are adorable. Just as long as they're not sneezing directly on your face, that is.

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Hold it right there.

Mid-sneeze, or horrified by your bad driving?

Dang hay fever!

"Nose is doing me a mighty tickle."

Cover your mouth, omg gross.


Synchronized sneezing skillz.

Trying to smile for a photo and not sneeze at the same time is hard.

Such a majestic creature.

Sneeze! Sneeze! Sneeze! Sn-sn-sn-sn-sneeze!

Sneeze download 20% complete.

Hello 911? I'd like to report a sneeze and run

Bless this pupper's squishy little face.

Big doggo do a big sneezo

You can tell this is going to be a good one.

Classic derp face.

Wait for it...

The sweet relief of a sneeze released.

"Easy, sneezy, beautiful CoverDog."

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Hold it right there.