Why This Family Gives One Of Their Dogs A Placebo Will Make You LOL

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"My dog has ear medicine she needs and the other one also thinks he needs it too...."

Me: Lying is a terrible habit and you should absolutely never do it.


Video of the Day

Also me: Exceptions must be made from time-to-time — and for potentially wholesome reasons?

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Those are the contours of an ethical conundrum at the heart of a video this week starring a lab/retriever mix named Pickles and his jealous sibling, Cache.

The former, you see, has an ear condition that requires ear drops; the latter assuredly does not.

But Cache, who's obviously very extra, wants his own ear massage, something his human dad readily obliges in the interest of doggy diplomacy.


Video of the hilarious regimen surfaced this week on Twitter, and it's the kind of thing you can watch endlessly on repeat, if, like me, you live on the cute side on the microblogging platform.

Peep it in the embed below, which you'll want to unmute for the full effect 👇👇👇:

The height of hilarity, no?


Such was the internet's reaction as well.

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With more than 413,000+ retweets and an astounding 14.7 million views (and counting), the :31-second clip quickly blazed a trail across the social web.

"I’ve never seen 1 mil likes on anything else except an Obama tweet," quipped one man.

"Day 256: 'The humans still not know I no need ear yummies. Only ear scritches. Played them. I so smart.,'" joked another.

"This is so pure and your dad's acting skills are amazing haha, the best thing I’ve seen today!," marveled this woman.

As it turned out, Cache's greedy tendencies had been captured on camera previously: In a follow-up tweet threaded to the first, he can be seen intercepting a plushie meant for Pickles.



The moral here: Bending the truth is wrong. But then maybe it isn't?

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