Wedding Nuptials Photobombed By Zoo Bear Prompt All The Jokes

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"He looks like that one guy friend who secretly had a thing for the bride and just finally lost all hope."

Me: Weddings are a special, even solemn occasion, and they shouldn't be trivialized in any way.


Video of the Day

Also me: Holy cannoli, check out this grizzly, bookended by a pair of glowing newlyweds, registering his apparent disgust and disappointment!

Such was my and the internet's reaction when a furry photobomber stepped into frame during a recent wedding at the Minnesota Zoo.


According to an interview the groom gave with Bored Panda, the exhibit's other residents (Russian browns bears, all) had ambled off for food, but this solitary interloper remained behind to witness the proceedings — and became an unlikely viral star as a result.

After the hilarious images were posted to the photographer's Facebook page, they were sucked into the sprawling content vortex that is Reddit, where they racked up more than 110,000+ upvotes (that's some serious honey) and trended on the site's homepage.

Naturally, the keyboard comedians in the mix had a bevy of dad jokes, the best of which have been cobbled together below.

"He looks like that one guy friend who secretly had a thing for the bride and just finally lost all hope," wrote one commenter.


"Wow, did the minister ask if anyone had any objections to speak now or forever hold their peace?," asked another.

"There was an awkward paws," quipped a third.

The puns came fast and they came furious.

As did more much more elaborate takes that toggled between the perspectives of the bride and slighted suitor.

Surprisingly, the zoo's social media channels haven't capitalized on the buzz — to the recruiters out there reading this: Call me! — but we'll be sure to update you if they do.


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