Woman Accidentally Turns Soda Box Into Kitten Rocket Launcher

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The light at the end of the tunnel is a cat

Me: "Kittens are sweet creatures who just want to be loved. They can literally do no wrong."


Video of the Day

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Also me: "Holy cow, get a load of this tiny terrorist with zero respect for personal space!"

"Challenge accepted"

Such was my reaction — and much of the internet's — when video of a West Virginia woman playing peekaboo with her spring-loaded pet through a soda box took an unexpected (and hilarious) turn.


Writing on Twitter, the victim, a nurse named Summer Hutchinson, quipped in all-caps that "I LIVE WITH A TINY PREDATOR."

"Sorry for my shriek," she added in the caption for the 7-second clip (press play to watch).

Folks found the face-hugging mishap utterly adorable, and it quickly spread far beyond Hutchinson's 4,400+ followers to snag a spot on the Twitter's Moments tab.

From there it didn't take long before the loop spilled over to other platforms like Facebook (where it has piled up an astounding 22,000,000+ views), the What Could Go Wrong subreddit (31,000+ upvotes), and social web aggregators like LADbible and The Daily Dot.


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Naturally, the kitten's vicious, razor blade sneak attack also prompted a multitude of takes, reactions, and GIFs, a small sampling of which are collected below.

"I found your new spokes duo @pepsi," joked one woman.

"He looks like he hit one of those rainbow strips like in Mario kart," added another.

"I got poetry at my fingertips," meme'd a third.

Others found the episode relatable and used it to share video of their cats on the ATTAC (press play to watch).

And of course there were the obligatory pop culture references to the "Alien" franchise.

As the original tweet continued to spiral out of control, Hutchinson jumped back onto the thread to post POV footage even more terrifying than the original (press play to watch) ....

.... poke fun at her newfound viral fame ....

.... and reassure readers that her cat, who's name remains unknown, is actually a perfectly behaved little angel who just wants to snuggle.

If anyone needs me, I'll be researching catcher's masks on Amazon!