26 Dogs With Gold Star Headshots

Prompted by a thread on Facebook, people are are sharing headshots of their dogs — and these pups are heckin' handsome to the max.

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"Find this dog, I want to make him my executive vice president."

23/10 Casting Directors would hire as a dramatic lead.

[🔥 Monitor self-combusts 🔥]

"Porgo? Nah, never heard of him."

Much glam, very wow.

Something fierce this way comes.

"If I owned a beer company, I'd hire her to be our official spokesdog."

"Leia is only reading for screwball comedies at this time."

👑 All hail the QWEEN 👑

Small package, BIG PERSONALITY.

"Remove the leash during post" -- the execs after watching dailies.

"There's more to life than being ridiculously good looking."

Like any good action star, he does all his own stunts.

FACT: Head tilts enhance any headshot by 120%.

"Never misses her marks, follows instructions to a T."

"Not to be dramatic or anything but I would die for this pup."



Flashing dat tongue for the photog.

Good hair day FTW!

"He's a ham for the cam."

Me: "Most professionals advise against the use of props in headshots."

The best use of Portrait Mode yet.

Dem eyes tho

"More gravitas? I can project that."

tfw you interpret the call to action in the most literal fash possible

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"Find this dog, I want to make him my executive vice president."