24 Photos & GIFs Of Cats Hugging Other Cats That Will Squish Your Heart

Get someone to hug you the way these cats hug each other.

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"Brace yourself, EXTREMEMEMEME cuteness ahead"

"This kitten and his older adoptive bro are completely inseparable."

"Mother and daughter sharing a snug."

"This is the sort of wholesome content we need more of."

"Our cats get along well on their owners/slaves 600th day being married"

"Teamwork makes the dream work"

"Winter mornings in this house"

"Boxes, baskets, bags & bowls: If it starts with a 'B', they be in it."

"How much does this make you want a second kitty? 😸"

"Got chu back, brofur. Always."

"Awww cute siblings sharing the bed — and some love!"

"Now this is what I call a cuddle puddle."


"I lub you fren"

"The little one's name is CHUBBS!!!!!"

"Nestlers gonna nestle"

"Ear twitches FTW!"

"Cuddle season is officially upon us."

"A purrfect circle 😂 😂 😂"

"When mom makes us hug it out after we get into an argument."

"Did I point to you?"

"10/10 would smash the snooze button for"

"Squish squad"

"The only thing better than cats hugging cats r kittens hugging kittens"

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"Brace yourself, EXTREMEMEMEME cuteness ahead"