24 of the Cutest Bodega Cats To Have Ever Lived

Only 24 of the cutest bodega cats
🎡 Working 9 (lives) to 5, what a way to make a livin 🎡
credit: Instagram

Why buy stuff online when these convenience store bodega cats can be your purr-sonal shopper? (Sorry not sorry.)

1. "When the customer puts the money on the counter and not in your paw."

2. "It was like this when I got here."

3. "Silly hooman, every box is a cat box."

4. "Yeah mate we don't call the police, you follow? But if you value your fingers you'll put that item in your pocket back on the shelf."

5. "We all know who <> runs the store."

6. "Pour it in my bowl, I don’t do tap water."

7. "Oh hai. U haz exact change?"

8. "Because baskets are just boxes with handles"

9. "My face after pulling a double."

10. "Mission Impawssible theme plays in background...."

11. [points to sign] "Sorry, no animals allowed inside."

12. "If not for sits on a hot day, then why is it made of cold?"

13. "This cat judges your choice in wines πŸ˜‚" #notmadjustdisappointed

14. "Credit card signatures are now optional if I get pet."

15. "There's no barcode on this one."

16.Β "Sleeping on the job? Pfft, that's for amateurs. I'm all about sleeping on the actual merchandise."

17. "Manual retweets, Karen? AGAIN?!?!

18. "But child labour laws though."

19. "To curb theft, we recently installed a new CCTV (ceiling cat television) system."

20. "They attack, make stacc but most importantly they relacc."

21. "Dog food? Nah, never heard of him."

22. "Gimme a boost."

23. "Damn son, you don't need to flash your weapons."Β πŸ˜‚

24. "How much for the miniature cow?"

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