25 Cats Reacting Hilariously To Mirrors

All of their tiny, cat-sized minds have been officially blown. 🤯 🤯 🤯

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"Amber 1 is not sure about Amber 2"

"New mirror, who dis?"

"Bob & weave. Bob & weave"

"What are these heckn triangles attached to my head?"

"Are you feelin' me? Because I'm feelin' me."

"I have to share my last can of tuna with WHO?"

"Eliza is in a standoff with this kitty who lives in the bathroom mirror"

"Hang in there! I’m going to save you!"

"Me practicing new dance moves at home before I hit the club."

Someday, I will be tall enough to see."

"🤦🤦🤦" -- the adult cat in the background

"Cat.exe has stopped working"

"That one friend who can't stop primping themselves in the mirror"

Try telling me this isn't the purest thing ever.

"Friend or foe...."

"Is that my evil twin?!"

"He likes to feel behind the mirror for the cat in the reflection 😂 "

"Does this coat make my tail look fat?"

"Because every side is a good side in this mirror."

"Sparta and I taking mirror pics because we’re basic." 😂 😂 😂

"I can't believe no one told me that Wilford Brimley was my real dad."

"TFW you put a literal twist on wallowing in depression(s)."

"Ugh, turn it off already."

"All I need is a good mirror and I can keep myself entertained for days"

"Cats: Masters of the universe but confounded by simple physics."

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"Amber 1 is not sure about Amber 2"