Just 18 Pics of Funny And Cute Pets

Pets! They're so silly!

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Cats are complicated, man.

What cats do on a Friday night ...

His person can't bend over to brush and pet him, so he meets her halfway.

Oh no.

Never pass up an opportunity for a good snuggle.

"His stick obsession is getting out of hand"

The humans call it "movie night", but she knows it's Popcorn Night.

Yes, it is.

Mind. Blown.

And by "super powers" she means that this is basically all cats do ...

You know there's like 500 different cat toys under there.

Happy birthday, Zola!

Find someone who looks at you like this cat looks at her person.


Border collies are not great apartment dogs.

Oh, hello.

Behold, the best $1 ever spent.


The Real Reason Why People Include Photos Of Pets In Classified Ads Will Make You LOL

Cats are complicated, man.